Directly engaging the criminal underworld in their own turf, police officer Kenneth Delima uses guns & shapeshifting powers gained from a magical amulet, plus the ensuing superstition that results with the use of said powers.


CHARACTER NAME: Kenneth Ray S. Delima

FORMER ALIASES: Tukay – tukay, Lupin



OCCUPATION: Police Inspector (P. Insp.)

SEX: Male

AGE: 22 yrs.


WEIGHT: 133 lbs.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: he has high hairline (panot), thin hair, & generally keeps it very trimmed (crew cut); head can seem to be disproportionately big; tanned complexion, lithe, trim build with toned muscles; since acquiring a ‘tukay – tukay’ (kneecap, of a werewolf) amulet from his foster father Ostus Tan, he has acquired a wild feral look (unappealing defect). For his costume, he typically wears cotton black or fatigue patterned shirts underneath a brown or black trenchcoat, a pair of sturdy jeans, or military fatigue pants, industrial or military boots. His striking feature is the wolf mask he wears, which enhances his shock value when he engages criminals with his guns & shapeshifting powers, giving rise that he is a vengeful urban ‘aswang’ (undead spirit).


HPS: 13

XP: 0

ECL: 7

STR 17

DEX 15

CON 20

INT 12

WIS 19

CHA 15

FOR + 5

REF + 2

WILL + 4

BAB + 1




1.) Attack Combat Mastery (characteristic) rank 1; + 1 BAB

3.) Defense Combat Mastery (characteristic) rank 4; + 4 AC

4.) Gadgets (characteristic) rank 2; 2 major gadgets, 8 minor gadgets; Defect: Conditional ownership (mild) on gadgets issued by the Manila police

5.) Organizational Ties (characteristic): Manila Police: rank 2

6.) Organizational Ties (characteristic): The Guardians rank 8

7.) Item of Power (characteristic): “Bertud ng Lobo” ( Amulet of the Wolf ): rank 7; wearable only by Kenneth and confers upon him the ff. attributes & defects:

A.) ALTERNATE FORM (POWER) rank 1; wolf (full – powered form) with the ff. attributes:

a.) Natural Weapon: Fangs (characteristic): rank 1, 1D3 + 2 damage plus melee/unarmed damage modifier with the option of maintaining a biting grip that automatically inflicts damage during the next rounds unless broken by a strength check, if the bite hits & penetrates armour;

b.) Special Attack: Rabies (power): rank 1, drain body, drain mind, drain soul, linked (to Natural Weapon: Fangs), limited (3x), no damage, toxic, incubating (unique disability: damage onset is after 6 weeks);

c.) Combat Technique: Trip (characteristic) rank 1 – hitting with a bite attack makes it possible to trip the opponent – +2 modifier to strength check – as a free action without provoking an attack of opportunity; if the attempt fails, the opponent cannot react to trip back.

B.) Animal Summon/Control (power) rank 2; canines (broad animal group) PMV: Area 4 ( 100 meters ) Duration 6 (12 hrs)

C.) ARMOUR (power) rank 1; reduces physical damage by 5 pts; Restriction: Silver bypasses Armour

D.) Combat Technique (characteristic) rank 3; Blind Fighting, Blind Shooting, Leap Attack

E.) ENHANCED: STR (power) rank 1; + 4 str

F.) EHANCED: CON (power) rank 1; + 4 con

G.) ENHANCED: WIS (power) rank 1; + 4 wis

H.) Jumping (power) rank 1; X 5 normal distance of jumping

I.) HEIGHTENED SENSES (power) rank 2; Smell (type I) able to cover several city blocks; Low – Light vision (type II) able to see in dim light normally as if full daylight

J.) HEIGHTENED AWARENESS (characteristic) rank 2; + 4 bonus to notice nearby concealed creatures or things; cumulative with Heightened Senses

K.) SPEED (power) rank 1; Reduction: reduced speed = 28 mph = 51.333 ft./round


A.) Unappealing 1BP (feral appearance, – 2 charisma based checks

B.) Bane 3BP (Belladona or wolfsbane; causes severe damage if ingested 4D6 + 8, besides its usual toxic effect [rank 2, drain body, no damage, toxic] )


a.) Red Tape: Manila Police 1BP

b.) Significant Other (partner in police force) 1BP

c.) Significant Other (Sanguis) 1 BP (treat as 3BP defect in game

d.) Significant Other (Ostus Tan) 1BP (treat as 3BP defect in game)

e.) Significant Other (Mama) 1BP (treat as 3BP defect in game)

f.) Skeleton in the Closet (Secret Identity) 3BP (consequences of discovery is severe)


Grew up in fishport town amid conditions of poverty + 2

Despite poverty, obtained education from pre school to having bachelor of science in criminology at the University of Manila + 2

Active duty as Police Inspector in baclaran lrt terminal police station in manila + 3

Continuous intensive training in the use of his attributes + 3


‘I have a fetish for coins. I like to keep most my cash – on – hand as loose change – lots of coins ! I carry several pouch bags for this. This started early in my childhood when I would always ask my mother, step dad & grandmother for coins. As a result I now have an extensive collection of coins of all kinds and i still am adding to this collection as much as I can. Also, when I am undecided about something, I let the coin decide for me when I toss it & it comes up either heads or tails. Lastly, you can tell that i’m nervous when i grab a coin from my pocket & start tossing it about.’

Equipment: MPD police kit ( conditional ownership defect applies ): Police Uniform; Beretta 92F 9mm autoloader medium pistol 1D8, concealable, short range; 9mm standard ammunition; nightstick ( club ) 1D6, knockback, melee; walkie – talkie ( professional ); Evidence kit ( basic ); first aid kit; 2 steel handcuffs;

Brass Knuckles ( club ) 1D6, knockback, melee; knife 1D4, concealable, melee; colt M1911 .45 autoloader medium pistol 1D8, concealable, short range, Accurized, laser sight; .45 cal standard & AP ammunition; AK 47 7.62 mm assault rifle 1D8 + 1, auto fire, spreading, limited shots (6), Bayonet, flash suppressor, laser sight; 7.62mm standard & AP ammunition; concussion grenade (2) 2D10 + 1, area of effect x3, concealable, limited shots (1), self destruct, short range; Tear gas grenade ( 2 ) 2D10 + 1, area of effect x2, enduring, inaccurate, limited shots (1), self destruct, slow, stun, toxic; smoke grenades ( 2 ); Flash Bang grenades ( 2 ), Taser 1D8 + 1, stun, low penetration, short range, slow; Pepper Spray 1D8 + 1, concealable, irritant, stun, melee range, limited shots ( 6 ), toxic ); Satchel charge with timed detonator; soft body armor ( bullet proof vest ) mild acid ( 1 ); Fatigues; fatigue jacket; overcoat; tool belt; digital camera; cellphone; digital audio recorder; walkie talkie ( basic ); caltrops (2 bags); Duct Tape; zip – tie handcuffs ( 2 ); lock pick set; multi – purpose tool;


Base of Operations: Philippines, Metro Manila, NCR, at times at various spots in Asia